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N.B. If you have used VPN or using VPN please remember that subscriptions are automatically country locked, meaning they are locked on the first Geo IP you accessed it from and can only be accessed from that country. Because of that you might get connection error if you connect from a country/Geo IP other than the one locked on your account. You can request locked country to be changed.
  To solve your issues as fast as possible, When making support request please always provide:
  • Which device are you using? 
  • Which application are you using? 
  • Which country are you located?
  • Screenshots of the error.(*If applicable)
  • Detailed info about the issue.
Keep in mind:
  1. If your service has not been activated yet, by opening a ticket will not make it faster but slower, so please be patient.
  2. If your line is ACTIVATED. You can find the details of your IPTV subscription under My subscriptions/My services on your client area.
  3. opening multiple of the same issue will result all tickets being closed.


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